2017 Goals

It’s that time of year that makes everyone review what they did last year and resolve to make this year even better. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes with little things.  It’s a way to deal with changes (or lack of changes) by seizing control of what you can, and lately that idea has left me feeling pretty inspired!

For now though, I’m laying out what I want to accomplish with my writing this year. It kept me so motivated last year, and although not everything went exactly as I hoped, it was the best year my writing has seen in a long time! If you want to know the significance of the tarot cards, these are from Maggie Stiefvater’s deck, available here.

img_20161228_131226Revise and polish Fox Story

So far so good with my plan to get this book off the ground! I’ve met all my deadlines and I’m satisfied with my first draft. I have a long way to go to get this story to line up with what I saw in my head, so I’ll be revising for the next few months. That’s probably its own post!

img_20161228_131234Pitch and query Fox Story

Once I have it as shiny and perfect as I can make it, it’s time to put this story out in the world! Right now that feels so exciting because it’s the reward for months of hard work–I’m sure when it comes time to hit “send” on my queries I will be a little more nervous!

img_20161228_131253Develop my Shiny New Idea

During my break from Fox Story, I stumbled upon another potential Shiny New Idea and I’m excited to let this simmer and evolve for a few months! It has a setting I love and so much potential for complicated characters and intriguing mythology, so we’ll see where it goes! If it becomes a true project, my hope would be to start the planning stages for it in late summer.

img_20161228_131303Draft my Shiny New Idea

Finally, once I have my next idea, whatever it may be, I want to have a draft written by the end of the year. I liked last year’s rhythm of revisions leading into a new project, and I’m hoping I can duplicate it. Ideally that would happen in the fall!

img_20161228_131319Find the next idea or two

What’s left after all of that? More ideas of course! Coming up with something new is so refreshing after you’ve been buried in a project for months at a time–and it relieves so much anxiety from querying or drafting a story if you have a few ideas on the back-burner just waiting for their turn. Plus it means that you’re never too far away from keeping another skill-set sharp!

Each of these has a list of steps and deadlines to make them happen, but these are my hopes and goals for 2017! And whatever your own goals may be, I wish you the best of luck and willpower to make them happen!


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