New Project

I’m starting my first draft of a new project! This is so incredibly exciting for me!

For a bit of background, this idea sprang into my head during a late night drive through Kansas this spring, and I wrote down a bunch of notes on my phone. Then I let it stew for a while, to make sure this was something I wanted to pursue. I couldn’t stop thinking about these characters and this world! So then I made a Pinterest board, and then I made a plan for research.

What kind of research? Internet articles, podcasts, blogs, and yes, so many books! Every source spiraled out to more sources and it was so interesting–like running my own college course.

So after months of preparation, I finally get to start the best part of all – writing! First drafts are my favorite because anything is possible, everything is new, and there’s a certain level of comfort knowing that you can go back and make it pretty later.

My plan is to have the first draft completed by the end of the year (or sooner!) so I have to work fast! This story feels like sinking into a forest. I’m not sure where it will take me or if I will be able to translate what I see in my head to the page, but I’m determined to find the trail I need to come out on the other side.



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