What’s new this month

It’s finally here! Fall release season has arrived and it will not disappoint! Here are the books I’m impatiently waiting for this month:

253655849/1 – The Graces – by Laure Eve

River is obsessed with The Graces like everyone else. They’re beautiful and elite girls in an impenetrable clique, and River is determined to show them that she is the one they should befriend. No one is sure if the Graces work real magic, but River will find out. Too many strange things happen for it to all be a coincidence. This sounds like Mean Girls with magic and I can’t wait to see what it’s like!

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

282605879/6 – Empire of Storms – by Sarah J. Maas

I think the last series I followed that was this long was Harry Potter. This is book 5 (of 6) in the Throne of Glass series and Aelin’s journey to become queen isn’t over yet. The cataclysmic events of the last book leave Aelin with more loss as she attempts to unite a kingdom and defeat the dark forces fighting for her world. As Aelin struggles to bring light to her people, more demons surround them. The last book surprised me with the ending so I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m excited to find out!

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

279690819/6 – Labyrinth Lost – by Zoraida Córdova

Alex is a bruja (a witch) in Brooklyn who hates magic. Too bad she’s the most powerful one in her family. On her Deathday celebration she performs a spell to rid herself of all her power–but accidentally makes her entire family vanish instead! With the help of a brujo boy, she must journey to the in-between realm called Los Lagos to bring her family back. This is so interesting and I really can’t wait to read it! This is a much-needed fresh take on magic in the YA realm.

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

250646489/13 – The Reader – by Traci Chee

Sefia is determined to find her father’s killer and rescue her missing aunt. She has learned all the survival skills she needs from her aunt, but none of these help her when the only clue she has is a strange, rectangular object–a book. In her illiterate society, this is an amazing find, even if its usefulness is in doubt. I’m so intrigued by this and can’t wait to learn more. The world-building and characters will be key though since the description is a bit vague.

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

232032529/20 – A Shadow Bright and Burning – by Jessica Cluess

Henrietta Howel is the prophesied first female sorcerer, with incredible fire abilities. A bunch of sorcerers are interested in winning her over, but Henrietta suspects she isn’t the chosen one at all. If that’s the case, her powers might be needed even more. I’m definitely intrigued by the whole “not actually the chosen one” bit so we’ll see how the rest of this goes. I’ve heard the writing is beautiful!

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

285124869/20 – Frost Like Night – by Sara Raasch

The epic conclusion to the Snow Like Ashes series is finally here! Meira’s journey as queen of Winter has only begun now that she has dealt with the politics and economics of ruling her kingdom. She must control her magic before Angra breaks through her mental defenses. Mather will do anything to save Meira, but circumstances are pushing him farther from her than ever. Ceridwen has lost everything–but when she’s freed from prison she has one last gamble to make. I’m dying to see how this all plays out! No one is safe!

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

258121099/20 – The Female of the Species – by Mindy McGinnis

Alex Craft has had no problem embracing her violent nature since her sister’s murder 3 years ago. Justice wasn’t served to the murderer, but Alex knew how to handle it. The golden boy and preacher’s daughter at school are fascinated by Alex, and their friendship puts them on a collision course to deal with the past and their futures. This sounds extremely dark and intense but I must pick it up!

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

232070279/20 – Three Dark Crowns – by Kendare Blake

The summary has changed a lot since I first heard of this, but I’m still intrigued. Every generation triplet princesses are born with competing magical powers. Once they turn 16, they fight to the death for the crown using whatever means necessary. But this time, the poisoner can’t ingest any poison and the naturalist can’t even grow a plant–they’ve covered for each other without their powerful sister, the elemental, knowing the truth. But now they are sixteen and only one can be crowned. Fights to the death are getting a little old in YA but sibling relationships always draw me in!

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

284482399/27 – Bright Smoke, Cold Fire – by Rosamund Hodge

This retelling of Romeo and Juliet weaves in necromancy and magic as the star-crossed characters discover romance and friendship in the most unlikely places–their rival families. The main plot points of the play remain but the rest of the story is brand new in a new world. The language even pays homage to Shakespeare! I’ve heard good things so I’m curious about the world and the reimagined characters.

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

222997639/27 – Crooked Kingdom – by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve been waiting for this gem for a YEAR. Six of Crows was my top read of 2015 and I can’t wait to see how this ends! Double-crossed with no reward, Kaz and the gang must rescue their kidnapped team member and fight for their lives – and the use of magic – as rival gangs and governments descend on Ketterdam. Just give me this now.

More here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble


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