The Start of Me and You

25663744by Emery Lord
YA Contemporary
5 of 5 stars

As previously mentioned on my blog, I had the absolute delight of meeting Emery Lord a few months ago and I’m finally reading her books (I loved When We Collided, you can see my review for that here)! I’m also a huge Twitter fan of hers and if you enjoy jokes and food and dogs and feminism, I highly suggest following her. (End of fangirl plug).

I’m not sure why my BFF left out the fact that this was one of her favorite reads the year it came out, and that it’s one of her favorite depictions of female friendships of all time, but since I FINALLY got around to following up on her quiet recommendation from a year ago all I can think is: where was this my whole life?!

Such a fun summer read, such an accurate depiction of high school (without shaming that part of your life), and yes, full of all the female friendships you could desire! They fight, they make up, they are there for each other, they don’t always make the right choices, but they are allowed to make those mistakes and learn from them. All of it comes across so naturally, truly masterful.

Paige gets to have all the anxiety and exuberance and anger of being in high school. Sometimes she says just the right thing. Sometimes she lashes out and has to deal with the consequences. I loved following her junior year!

What else did I love? Paige’s grandmother. Having a main character close to a grandparent is so refreshing and it was beautifully done. What else did I love? The romance, and crush vs. friends-to-love-interest. And? The English teacher (the fact that she isn’t the Voice of God in the narrative, constantly butting in to guide Paige). AND? Laugh out loud humor and emotional vibrancy that had me tearing up (in the span of 25 pages).

Pick this up and devour it in 2 days just like I did!

If you’d like to see more reviews or buy a copy for yourself, The Start of Me and You is available on Goodreads and on Barnes & Noble’s website here. Please consider supporting your local bookstore!

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