Goals Met and Goals Set

In January I had some ideas for everything I wanted to accomplish this year. Now that the first half of the year is over, I thought it would be a good idea to do a check-in and see how I’m doing. Overall answer? Not too shabby!

What did I want to do?

I finished revising my novel, I did my read-through, I got some feedback from my CP’s, I made a query letter and pitch (with their help!) and I’m actually pitching my book to agents tomorrow. Pitching to agents in person wasn’t part of my original plan, but I’m very excited about it! Although I don’t have my compiled list of Dream Agents, the two I am pitching tomorrow would definitely be on there.

Depending on the feedback I get from Leviosa Con, I’ll decide later whether I want to keep querying this book, or shelve it in favor of a new project (or both!).

What will I do now?

It’s the plans I had for the second half of the year that are changing the most. I originally wanted to begin drafting the sequel to my current fantasy novel. Instead, I’ll be carefully working on a Shiny New Idea. I’m very excited about this (I actually have been daydreaming about it for almost two months now) and I want to do it right. So instead of drafting too early like I always do, and creating a mess for myself, I have a plan for doing so much prewriting work that this story can’t help but evolve the way I want it to. I am choosing to believe that and any evidence to the contrary is a problem for Future Me!

I do still want to finish revisions on my YA contemporary novel, but those will be on a looser deadline than my Shiny New Idea and querying my first book (if I choose to do that).

The reading restrictions I put in place a few months ago definitely helped me meet my first set of goals, but you can bet my reward for all this hard work is a book binge for the next month! I want to blaze through my TBR and start fresh in September!

Bring it!


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