What to read again:

That’s right, this month’s re-read is epic:


Remember these? The hottest book series of the last few decades? Something that brought readers out of the shadows and into launch parties, religious debates, and fanfiction? The books that made one single mom on welfare richer than anyone can reasonably comprehend? The books that spawned multiple theme parks, a huge movie franchise, and funds charities for orphans? Yeah, those books. My childhood.

These are some of my favorite memories from growing up—staying up until four in the morning reading with my best friend, hours of conversations, years of anticipation between installments—epic in every sense of the word.

This series is what I refer to for my “What to Read Again” posts and this summer I am finally revisiting them! After a 3-year hiatus (possibly longer??) I’m diving back into my childhood and I am super excited! I’m doing this for pure enjoyment, but you all may want to re-visit these because the bound script of the play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out at the end of July and it takes some time to read 7 books in addition to whatever new gems are sitting on top of your TBR. So start now and enjoy!



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