Revisions: The Cave

This post will be short because I’m prioritizing actual work on my book and reading my CP’s work! With only 2 months to Leviosa Con I’m in the deadline trenches and that means little to no time to write anything unrelated to my novel. I’m in The Cave.

Revisions are moving right along with chapters two through four-I’ve added material that I think only improves my story, so I feel good about that! Heading into chapters 5-6 now.

When I’m revising I tend to obsess over other writers’ methods/tricks/magic spells to be productive and engage any Muses floating around, and I typically land on Susan Dennard’s advice, because she’s a guru. (Seriously, check out her website here–she does all this for free and she could charge so much!) And speaking of Sooz, she plugged a fun, free app called Habitica on her Instagram which treats your life like a video game. Earn points and weapons and magic pets by checking items off your to-do lists and meeting your goals on time! Ridiculous as it may sound, I’ve found this works for me, so if you want to try something new, check it out!

Back to the cave now!


What? Who said a cave had to be dismal?


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