What’s new this month

Spring has been crazy this year for amazing books! Here are some I’m looking forward to this month:

ACOMAF5/3 – A Court of Mist and Fury – by Sarah J. Maas

The second in this fantasy series follows the human woman Feyre after she outwits the faery queen to save Tam Lin and his people. She made terrible bargains to get here, but gained some magical power for herself. I enjoyed the first book (a cross between Beauty and the Beast and East of the Sun, West of the Moon), and this one is going to explore more of Rhysand’s Night Court–he’s arguably the most intriguing side character from the first book. I’m sure everything we loved from this new series (faeries, magic, intrigue, romance) will be heightened in this one if the Throne of Glass series is any indication.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

crown game5/17 – The Crown’s Game – by Evelyn Skye

In this version of Russia, the Tsar needs an enchanter by his side, and normally there is only one at at time. But now two enchanters have been discovered, so the Tsar decides on a the Crown’s Game, a contest of magical duels to decide the true winner: the one who survives. I’ve heard great things about this, and I’m hoping for a cross between the Grisha trilogy and The Hunger Games. I can’t wait to see what the magic is like and how the characters deal with this unprecedented competition!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

girl universe5/17 – Girl Against the Universe – by Paula Stokes

For personal reasons the jacket summary greatly interests me, especially since this is a girl with a curse who isn’t in a fantasy world. I don’t fully understand how this is going to go down, but I want to see how Maguire describes her bad luck and how her crush thinks he can break it. I’m not sure how much of a paranormal element will be present and I’m sure a lot of this will depend on voice, but I think this could be a very interesting summer read!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble


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