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162218514/5 – Tell the Wind and Fire – by Sarah Rees Brennan

I received an ARC on Net Galley for this story! I was never overly fond of A Tale of Two Cities (or really any of Dickens’ work, despite reading all of it) but the title is awesome so I requested an early copy. This Dickens retelling is set in New York with magic and interpersonal drama and I’m a terrible person because I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet–mostly because it wouldn’t transfer to my Nook and I don’t read on my laptop. Yes, still a bad excuse! Don’t be like me – check this out!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

collided4/5 – When We Collided – by Emery Lord

This is a strange case where I fell in love with the author on Twitter (I mean hard-core girl-crushing: she’s-my-spirit-animal if-I-met-her-I-would-flail-so-much crushing). She’s amazing. So I’m finally checking out one of her books! This one sounds fun and I’m trying to get out of my YA fantasy bubble this year and I can’t wait for this. Plus the cover is gorgeous. The plot sounds a bit like a John Green novel (super cool, crazy chick attracts a somewhat mopey guy) but I’m sure it will be better coming from Emery’s smart and savvy perspective.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

257563284/12 – Love & Gelato – by Jenna Evans Welch

Tuscany, love, adventure—looking forward to a light summer read with this debut novel. Lina is sent to Italy to fulfill her mother’s dying wish that she get to know her estranged father. Through her mother’s journal (and Tuscany’s innate magic), Lina meets a boy and starts uncovering a mystery in her family’s past that could change everything she thought she knew about her parents and herself. The cover is cute and I love the idea of sleuthing through family secrets. I feel like this was a storyline more popular when I was a kid (think Parent Trap days) so just the jacket makes me nostalgic.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

252036754/26 – The Star-Touched Queen – by Roshani Choksi

I’m very excited about this standalone story because it sounds so unique (and because there’s a loose connection that one of my CP friends is CP’s with the author!). I can’t wait to read this! Maya is a princess cursed with a horoscope that declares her marriage will only bring death and destruction upon her kingdom. When she is married off to form a political alliance, she finds strange magic and mystery within her court and kingdom. The summary promises a trip to the Otherworld and plenty of dark magic as Maya tries to save herself, her loved ones, and her kingdom. This sounds like a stunning debut!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

Raven King4/26 – The Raven King – by Maggie Stiefvater

THIS is one of the most-anticipated books of the year for me! I have been following this series for years now and I’m so anxious to see how it ends I can hardly stand it! After two different publication delays, it’s finally here, and I’ll be going dark online until I read it, I can assure you. Blue and the Raven Boys are finally getting close to uncovering the secret of Glendower, the buried Welsh king that will grant a wish to whoever discovers him. They aren’t the only ones looking for the dead king, of course. And Stiefvater has sworn since book 1, when Blue saw Gansey’s spirit on St. Mark’s Eve, that Gansey will die as promised. I believe her, but that doesn’t make me any less nervous about this ending. The writing is amazing and the characters are loveable, so add this to your list!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble


rose and the dagger4/26 – The Rose and the Dagger – by Renee Ahdieh

Surprise! This release date was bumped up! The Wrath and the Dawn surprised me by sucking me into a world that typically makes me yawn (I never could get through The Arabian Nights for some reason). Shazi’s spunk and Khalid’s passion carry this story and I can’t wait to see more of the world and the magic. The writing is excellent and this is a fresh take on an ancient legend. Definitely check this out, it’s the fore-runner in the YA trend towards the old desert, and this one sounds even more action-packed than the first!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble


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