Prince’s Gambit

gambitby C.S. Pacat
4 of 5 stars

*This trilogy is intended for mature readers*

I had to start this trilogy when all my writing friends were giving it 5 stars—it was sure to be amazing! And this sequel completely lives up to the first book. 

The political intrigue, smart banter, and slow-burn attractions are all here, as well as more wartime strategies and a bit more action. Damen has agreed to help and protect Laurent on his uncle’s mission to the borderlands, but he’s going to escape back to Akielos as soon as they arrive. Freedom is finally within his grasp, and he’s determined to return to his country and reclaim his throne. Laurent knows that his uncle has arranged everything to eliminate him from the line of succession, and must stay two steps ahead of every obstacle and threat that crosses his path.

The grudging respect between Damen and Laurent continues to solidify as they train their sub-par troops and travel to across the country. Although they don’t always agree, they have the same end-goals and find themselves compromising and using each other’s strengths to achieve victory. Honestly, my favorite part of this book was how these two strong-willed characters kept forcing themselves to give compliments to each other when due (despite residual annoyances) simply because their personal codes of honor demanded it. The tension of attraction between them keeps climbing in spite of themselves and it’s hard to put this book down—I had to see if they would ever tell each other the truth!

The writing and pacing are fantastic. And the dialogue is seriously to die for. I love the growing relationship between Damen and Laurent but I felt kept at arms-length most of the time, which is the only reason I’m not giving this five stars. Although there’s many pages spent on emotions and emotive moments, the narration is sparse enough that I couldn’t fully invest in the characters like I have in other books. I still can’t wait to read the final book—although I’m just as nervous as I am excited!

If you’d like to see more reviews or buy a copy for yourself, Prince’s Gambit is available on Goodreads and on Barnes & Noble’s website here. Please consider supporting your local bookstore!

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