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You can now search my book reviews by author – additional organization, hurrah!

Also: It’s the best time of the year for books! Here are a few I’m looking forward to this month:

10/1 – The Anatomy of Curiosity – by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna YovanoffAnatomy of Curiosity

This collection of short stories gives insight into the creative process behind writing. These three women have been critique partners for years, and not only do you get a sample of their work, you can see how they work together. For anyone who wonders “How does a writer puts those words on the page, anyway?” or writers who want to pick up some tips, I have a feeling this will be fun and informative.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

Carry On10/6 – Carry On – by Rainbow Rowell

This is so weirdly meta, I cannot wait! Rowell’s best-seller, Fangirl, followed introvert fanfiction writer/college student Cath. Cath’s popular serialized novel “Carry On” was set in the same world as the Simon Snow series (a Harry Potter-esque series within the Fangirl universe) with the main characters Simon and Baz in a gay relationship instead. Rowell has said she isn’t writing this novel as Cath or as Gemma (the fictional writer of the Simon Snow series) so I don’t really know what to expect. But it’s real fiction of fictional fanfiction with a touch of Harry Potter satire and that is just cool.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

10/13 – Ice Like Fire – by Sara RaaschIce Like Fire

The sequel to the wildly popular Snow Like Ashes is finally here, with beautiful cover art and the promise of more political intrigue and relational drama between Meira, Theron, and Mather. The rumored chasm of magic is discovered, and the three have very different ideas as to how to use it to best serve the kingdom of Winter and the world. The first book had some rough patches, but I’m hoping this one will iron those out. I have a feeling the battle over natural resources might mirror situations in our own lives.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

Career of Evil10/20 – Career of Evil – by Robert Galbraith

The third installment in the crime noir series following detective Cormoran Strike and his idealistic assistant Robin Ellacott promises more intrigue, nefarious schemes, and interpersonal drama. These novels are like watching an old detective show–in atmosphere, not in cheesy dialogue–and I can’t wait to see where Strike ends up next! Robin is starting to come into her own as she develops her sleuthing powers, and the tension between her and her fiance is mounting as she puts off getting “a real job.” Although you could probably read these as standalone mystery novels, I’d recommend reading the previous books (The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm) first.

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

10/13 – The Rose Society – by Marie LuThe Rose Society

The much-anticipated sequel to The Young Elites follows Adelina as she plots revenge against her numerous enemies. Full confession, I just read the first book a few days ago! It deserves its amazing reviews and Adelina is a unique heroine among the YA crowd. I fell in love with it – this is a fantastic series and I can’t wait to follow Adelina’s journey further. By a stroke of luck, I found an ARC in the wild, so I’ll have a review ready quite soon!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble

Newt's Emerald10/13 – Newt’s Emerald – by Garth Nix

Originally a Kindle exclusive, the hardcover version of this alternate England story comes out in the US this month! Lady Truthful (“Newt” to her friends) goes to London to track down her family’s missing emerald. Of course she discovers there’s more to the mysterious crime–and her disguise as a boy is precarious at best. This looks really fun and a bit different from his other work, so I can’t wait to check it out. Plus the dust jacket is beautiful!

More info here: Goodreads and Barnes & Noble


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  1. erinkbay
    Oct 02, 2015 @ 12:42:52

    Fall is such a great time for books!!! And yay!!! I really want to read The Anatomy of Curiosity!!! I’ve been looking at that one for a while!

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