Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

2986865by Alison Goodman
YA Fantasy
4 of 5 stars
Book 1 of a duology

I am starved for YA stories featuring dragons and girls interacting with dragons in particular, so when I chanced upon this at the library I had to grab it. I was hoping it would have some similarities to my favorite novel, The Hero and the Crown, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a close comparison, I loved every twist and turn of this story! It’s Mulan meets Avatar the Last Airbender, and the combination is brilliant!

Eon is a crippled candidate in training with eleven other boys hoping to be chosen by the next ascendant dragon to become a Dragoneye apprentice. The twelve Dragoneyes and their apprentices control the twelve dragons of the zodiac, each with its own powers and virtues, each helping the others keep their world in balance with nature and one another. But Eon’s secret is that he is actually Eona – a teenage girl masquerading as a boy because she has the power to see the dragons, and becoming a Dragoneye would save her from impoverished slavery. In the ceremony she isn’t chosen by the Rat Dragon – she is chosen by the Mirror Dragon, the dragon that has been missing for over 500 years. With this auspicious rise in power comes the expectation that Eon will thwart the plans to seize control from the aging emperor, and assure Prince Kygo’s rightful rise to power – even if both of these men would kill her instantly upon discovering her true identity.

Although the novel is largely setup for the next book, Eon’s struggle with herself and the burden of responsibility to the kingdom as she navigates the royal court kept me enthralled from start to finish! The supporting characters are as layered and interesting Eon. Ryko, the eunuch bodyguard and Lady Dela, a transgender protocol instructor, both felt powerful enough to have separate stories of their own. The magic system and the world-building feel unique in a forest of western-based fantasy. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a royal court fantasy drama with action and dragons in the mix.

If you’d like to see more reviews or buy a copy for yourself, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn is available on Goodreads and its parent company Amazon. Please consider supporting your local bookstore!

** Note that this book is also available under various titles, including Eon, Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye, and The Two Pearls of Wisdom. The titles vary based on publisher.

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