What’s new this month

P1090402Before I get to a couple of books that caught my eye this August, I actually have a bit of news: we moved to Colorado last week!

David and I have been married for 6 years, and we are living in a new state for the first time! We left St. Louis for Denver and traded our Midwestern lives for the mountains. We’ve been craving some adventures for quite some time, and we finally jumped at the chance to live where many people only vacation. Camping, hiking, biking, skiing, rafting – we are going to do it all and more!

This is also perfect timing because August is the driest month for book releases. I dug up a couple that sounded interesting but honestly – we’re all waiting for September, right?

Without further ado:

Awake8/4 – Awake – by Natasha Preston

Cults are a popular topic in YA this year, and the cover art for this one grabbed me. The blurb is a bit confusing – I don’t think memories before age 5 are common for anybody – but the idea of a child from a cult growing up in another family and then contending with the wishes of the biological parents intrigues me. I’m also interested to see what role the “new guy” has to play in all this, because it implies her cult’s demise was public knowledge, unless maybe he left it as well. Lots of possibilities here! Typically it’s about the escape from the cult itself. So the premise is there, but we’ll see if the writing holds up. I’m trying to keep from reading reviews and having it spoiled.

More info here: Goodreads and Amazon

Court of Fives8/18 – Court of Fives – by Kate Elliott

This has a classic fantasy royal court drama setup but the title and cover art grabbed me and it doesn’t sound half-bad. A girl competing for glory and developing a taboo relationship can tug my heartstrings if it’s done well, and this one is getting a lot of positive buzz as a breath of fresh air. Jes is another YA heroine desperate to save her family, and it sounds like she’ll have the guts and wit to do it on her own. I want to see how the fantasy tropes are turned upside down!

More info here: Goodreads and Amazon


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