Daughter of Deep Silence

23281652by Carrie Ryan
YA Fiction/Suspense
3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed The Forest of Hands and Teeth (if not the sequels) so when I heard about this book it was a no-brainer to add it to my list. This is a standalone story of one girl’s quest for revenge–with the twist being she has taken on the identity of her rich best friend who did not survive the yacht’s sinking. Libby’s father suggests this as a way to protect Frances (the only survivor aside from a wealthy senator and his son–who lied about how the ship sank). So she assumes Libby’s identity, wealth, and life for four years, biding her time as she tries to uncover the truth to take the senator down. So far, so good.

The hangup for me was the romance. Frances and Grey (the senator’s son) experienced some insta-love on the cruise ship before the attack, and in the interim Frances comes to hate him because he goes along with hiding the truth. But when she returns to the estate (neighboring the senator’s of course) and begins to put her plans in motion to find out what the senator is hiding and get her revenge on his family, part of that plan involves forming a relationship with Grey. Of course it does, he’s a sensible tool for her revenge plot. However–she finds she still has feelings for him, four years later, based on a week of cruise ship 14-year-old insta-love? And these feelings proceed to alter and wreck her carefully laid plans? NO.

This was a fun, fast read until the last 50 pages or so. I was prepared to give it 4 stars. The suspense was spot-on, and even dealing with her growing attachment to Grey wasn’t so bad. But ultimately this book felt like a bit of a letdown. The revenge payoff wasn’t there for me–I’m not sure what I was expecting–but the build-up implied there would be so much more behind the attack and its motivations. I hate to fault it for being too realistic, but it didn’t match the tone of the rest of the story. Frances’ character arc was odd to me as well, because she wasn’t a total battle-hardened revenge badass (except in her own mind…) but this also wasn’t the tale of redemption we find in something like The Count of Monte Cristo.

I do recommend this book for a quick summer read–it has a fantastic blend of dark details and it’s a page-turner–but you decide what you think about the ending.

If you’d like to see more reviews or buy a copy for yourself, Daughter of Deep Silence is available on Goodreads and its parent company Amazon. Please consider supporting your local bookstore!

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  1. erinkbay
    Jul 30, 2015 @ 12:52:28

    Ooh, interesting. I thought (a little bit) about reading this. But UGH, Instalove is my least favorite ever!!!



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